Oregon Program Allows Parents, Teachers and Students to Report Threats Anonymously

SafeOregon allows students, parents and school staff to anonymously report any threats.

Reporting a school threat may not be the easiest thing for some, which is why Oregon has come up with a program called SafeOregon, where anyone can anonymously report a tip.

In order for students, parents and teachers to use the program, schools must be signed up. It is free for Oregon public and private schools PK-12. 

Once the tip is received via text or phone call, it is sent to law enforcement or school administrators who then begin investigating.

Lane County Sheriff’s Office has created a PSA to make schools and the community aware of the tip line.

Sgt. Scott Denham of the Lane County Sheriff’s Office told KVAL the program began two years ago and there are still people who have no idea it exists.

“It's anything from, someone's bullying me with no names, but it would be a specific school that it would go to. Or, it can be - someone's got a gun in their locker, they're bringing a gun to school, they want to kill someone,” said Denham.

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