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Students in Ohio Left Scared After Hearing Gunfire During an Active Shooting Training

Some schools are hosting active shooting trainings that involve shooting blanks, and requiring students to practice what to do in case a shooter were on campus. However, some are wondering if these drills are too much for students to handle.

Schools across the nation have coordinated active shooting drills, but some students at Franklin High School in Ohio feel like the drill on Tuesday went too far.

The active shooting training involved two police officers shooting blanks at time intervals, allowing students to hear what gunfire sounds like. Once they heard the blanks being fired, students were faced with the decision on whether to evacuate from the building or barricade themselves inside their classrooms.

The students were made aware that the training was going to occur, however, some students like Senior Samantha Earnhart were emotional.

“When we heard the gunfire up by our room, I knew it was happening but I still jumped,” she told the Dayton Daily News. “I became very emotional and I started to cry. I just don’t know… it’s a really horrible situation if that actually happened here.”

Sophomore Isaiah Bales told the newspaper the experience was “shocking.”

"There was a concern and it did cause some stress" among parents and students, Lt. Gerry Massey told the Cincinnati Enquirer

This is not the first time a high school school has undergone an active shooting drill that included firing blanks.

A high school in Long Island, New York did a drill in August where police fired blanks. And another school in Florida, hosted a drill in which students were not told that it was not a drill.

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