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8-Year-Old Florida Student Prevents Potential School Shooting

An 8-year-old elementary student is being called a hero after he alerted security at his school that his classmate had shown him a gun in the bathroom.

An 8-year-old student saved his Florida elementary school from a potential mass shooting when he alerted the school’s security that one of his classmates had a loaded gun.

Blake Johnson said he was in the restroom at Hudson Elementary School when another student showed him a loaded 9mm pistol in his backpack.

Shortly after that, a school security guard caught them hanging out in the bathroom and told them to get back to class. It was then that Johnson decided to stay back and tell the guard what he saw.

"Immediately the school security guard acted and went right to that room where that child was and grabbed his backpack," said Capt. Chris Beaman with the Pasco Sheriff's Office to WTFS. "Our school security did what they were supposed to do. Our school administrators did what they were supposed to do."

The student who had the gun was 8 years old as well and faces possible criminal charges.

According to deputies, no was hurt in the incident.

School administration did alert parents of what took place, and that is when Johnson’s mother, Laynie, found out what happened. However, it was not until he got home that she found out he was the hero.

"I'm happy that he knows what to do and I'm happy that he was brave enough to do it," she said to MSN. "I'm very proud."

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