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Cal State LA Receives Two Threats In the Span of a Week

Cal State LA had to increase security at its library after somebody made a threat to shoot it up.

Cal State LA has been the recipient of two mass shooter threats in the span of a week prompting the college to increase its security presence in certain areas.

The latest threat was to the campus library on Monday.

Public safety sent out a text campus-wide stating, “We have learned of a possible threat to the library. Source of info. unknown. Increased security at the library. Be alert. Library is open.”

The Cal State LA official twitter has stated that there has “been unsubstantiated and unconfirmed reports of threats to campus safety. Public Safety has no evidence that any action is planned or has taken place. The university is open.”

The first threat occurred on the Tuesday prior to Halloween. Cal State LA received a threat targeting people in the Annex Link unless they evacuated. Students were not notified about the threat until two hours after the call was received, according to Cal State’s University Times

TVF major Marlene Cordova, told the newspaper she was in Salazar Hall nearby when she found out about the mass shooter threat; she wished information was sent out sooner.

“I think because I was so close to where it was supposed to be at, I think it would’ve been nice if the email [was] sent out when they got the call,” Cordova explained. “I probably wouldn’t have showed up for class.”

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