Syracuse Students Feel Unsafe Following Recent Racist Incidents

Syracuse University has seen a string of recent incidents on the campus that have targeted marginalized groups, including Jewish, Asian and black community members.

Students at Syracuse University say they feel unsafe on the campus after recent racist incidents on campus.

There have been at least 12 incidents since Nov. 6, including anti-Asian and anti-black slurs graffitied in residence halls and a swastika drawn in a snowbank near an apartment complex where students live.

On Tuesday, minority students were further scared after officials said there was an alleged attempt to share a white supremacist manifesto linked to mass shootings in New Zealand with Syracuse students in a library, reported MSN

Officials did say there was not a direct threat.

"A lot of students of color are afraid to walk alone," said Feryal Nawaz, 20, a junior who is involved with the campus movement known as Not Again SU, which is being led by black students. "People need to understand this is not a joke and it does take a toll on people's emotional stability."

At a student senate meeting on Wednesday, Chancellor Kent Syverud said nine officers, consisting of campus safety and Syracuse police, were dedicated to finding the people responsible for the "hateful incidents."

Wednesday night a forum was held for students to be heard and allow them to make their demands for action known.

NBC News reported that the students demanded Syverud to meet all of their demands or resign.

"I do not agree with everything I've heard," Syverud said in response. "I do not agree with all the facts said."

Thursday morning, Syverud released a statement stating that “of the 19 recommendations made by student protesters, I have agreed to 16 as written; I have suggested minor revisions to the other three for them to consider.”

“Implementing these recommendations is the right thing to do. They will make our community stronger,” he said in the statement.

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