March is First Month in a While With No Campus Shootings But Wait

March is First Month in a While With No Campus Shootings But Wait

Schools have been shutdown due to COVID-19

March 2020 was the first March in about 20 years without a school shooting in the United States. The Washington Post reported that has been school shootings in the month of March every year since 2002.

The year 2002, coincidentally, is the same year most high school seniors were born.

CBS News has reported that there have been gun-related incidents at school — four shootings were “were classified as unintentional discharges, one took place between adults on a high school football field over the weekend and two occurred on college campuses but involved no students.”

In Tuscaloosa, AL, authorities confirm 22-year-old Davanta Anderson was the man killed in a shooting on the Stillman College campus in the early morning hours of March 9.

The person suspected of shooting Anderson says they acted in self-defense.

A grand jury will review the evidence in the case and make a determination on charges.

Administrators at Stillman College say classes were canceled Monday as authorities continue to investigate the shooting.

Administrators have confirmed no students were involved in the shooting.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department and Violent Crimes Unit are assisting Stillman College Police in the investigation.

"We have 24-hour security. We will gather all the facts before considering changes. Stillman College is still one of the safest place’s in Tuscaloosa due to 24-hour security and it being a gated community,” administrators said.

So far in 2020. There have been six shooting for the entire year, compared to 25 incidents in December 2019. With the school year over, or nearly completed, schools in the United States remain shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic Most students have been involved in online learning, with parents conducting homeschooling.

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