LA and San Diego School Districts Delay Fall In-person Classes; WHO says pandemic worsening

Breaking ranks with a heavily suggested 2020 school start, two of the largest school districts in the United States will begin classes this fall online. The Los Angeles and San Diego unified school districts will begin online only as the state continues to fight a heighten caseload of COVID-19

The two districts made the announcement July 13 in a joint statement, saying that academic calendars will begin Aug. 18 for LA schools, and Aug. 31 for schools in San Diego. As health conditions will allow, both districts will resume in-person learning.

Pres. Donald Trump has been frustrated with reports from CDC and the World Health Organization’s director, both warning that the pandemic is worsening. Florida also is reporting alarming new trends of coronavirus infections.

Total confirmed cases across the nation surpassed 3.3 million – about 1 percent of all Americans have now tested positive. More than 135,000 Americans have died.

Florida reported more than 12,000 new cases Monday, one day after its 15,000 new cases smashed the daily record for any state since the pandemic began. Florida's infection total now stands at 282,435 – more than all but eight countries.

In Washington, Trump showed little faith in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, retweeting a social media post accusing the agency of "outrageous lies."