AlertMedia Mobile App

AlertMedia Mobile App Launches New Features to Protect Hybrid Workforce

Emergency communications provider AlertMedia recently announced the release of mobile app features designed to keep workers safe wherever they are in the world. As offices reopen, business travel resumes, and offices experiment with hybrid work environments, the app can help keep dispersed workers connected and informed about threats to safety and security anywhere around the globe.

Using location tracking, the app can send updates or alerts about nearby intelligence threats related to environmental hazards, crimes, or other concerns. AlertMedia has also partnered with GeoSure to let workers access neighborhood and city safety scores to help them assess the risks of work or travel destinations.

“With employees working from locations all over the world, often away from a traditional office, it’s much harder to identify unpredictable events that threaten their safety and productivity,” said Brian Cruver, AlertMedia CEO and founder. “The new normal demands that organizations adapt and keep their employees safe and connected, wherever they are. Our mobile app technology provides a powerful way for employers to ensure their people know what threats exist nearby, while also providing the employees with simple and intuitive ways to signal for help during an emergency.”

According to the results of a survey conducted by Accenture, about 75% of workers said they prefer a combination of office and remote work as the new standard. A distributed workforce can cause complications as organizations might need to find or communicate with employees during emergencies. The app’s location-aware intelligence and hyper-local safety scores let employers and employees both evaluate and work through potential dangers of unfamiliar locations and emerging incidents.

“Even though more people are returning to the office, finding ways to communicate effectively continues to be a challenge,” said Donna Kelly, Head of Facilities at Rakuten. “Rather than send an email to employees hoping they will read it, AlertMedia enables our employees to manage their own safety at their own site. Our employees are our most valuable asset. By providing them access to the AlertMedia mobile app, we are demonstrating our vested interest in their well-being.”

The new mobile app features include Global Threat Intelligence, which provides employees with real-time intelligence and warnings specific to their location; Employee Safety Monitoring, which gives employees a direct line to their organization or local law enforcement via distress signal solutions and a one-touch panic button; and GeoSure GeoSafeScores, which provides safety data for more than 65,000 cities and towns around the world. The GeoSafeScores span risk categories including Women’s Safety, LGBTQ+ Safety, Physical Harm, Theft, Health & Medical, Basic Freedoms, Nighttime, and Overall Safety.

“Our mission is to help anyone, whether for business or pleasure, travel more confidently and safely,” said GeoSure CEO Michael Becker. “We’re thrilled to partner with AlertMedia to extend the reach of our data and help employees take extra precautions and steer clear of potential threats when traveling to less familiar environments.”