IONODES Announces Compatibility of PERCEPT Body Camera with Milestone Software

IP video solutions provider IONODES, a Milestone Technology Partner, recently announced that its PERCEPT Body Camera has completed the Milestone verification process and has been confirmed to be compatible with Milestone XProtect software, according to a news release.

The PERCEPT Body Camera was designed for commercial and enterprise applications and is an IoT-connected, open-platform wearable device. It offers features like 4G, LTE and WiFi connectivity; 180-degree video at 4K resolution; flexible recording options and a full-shift battery life, according to the news release.

“Being able to add livestreamed audio and video from the robust PERCEPT body-worn camera to any Milestone XProtect installation gives organizations exciting new ways to support compliance initiatives and limit liability in any person-to-person interaction,” said Dave Nieweg, Milestone Systems Community Management Program Owner. “This opens up a wide array of new applications outside of traditional uses by police, including education, healthcare, casinos/hospitality, municipalities, and any other settings in which we wish to ensure compliant interactions. The IONODES camera is an easily deployable complement to the Milestone Open Platform environment, and we are excited to welcome IONODES to our Marketplace.”

The body camera can stream video events directly to the Milestone XProtect VMS, or video can be recorded and synchronized later when the camera connects to the VMS network. Its integration also supports direct live-streaming from the camera to the Milestone XProtect Smart Client.

“The PERCEPT Body Camera Solution’s wealth of IoT features, combined with Milestone XProtect’s proven flexibility, opens up a world of possibilities for customers seeking to integrate wearable cameras into their existing security and operational processes,” said IONODES CEO Eric Tasso. “This latest integration of IONODES technology within the Milestone solution represents our commitment to bringing innovative open-platform products to customers in a wide range of industries and markets.”

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