Active Shooter

Santa Clarita

Law Enforcement Investigate Multiple False Threats Against Santa Clarita Schools

Still dealing with the Thursday’s mass shooting at Saugus High School, the Santa Clarita Valley Station detectives and school resource deputies are having to also investigate “multiple false threats against local schools.”


13-Year-Old Student Arrested for Planning to Shoot Popular Kids and Teachers at School

A 13-year-old male in Kentucky was arrested Saturday after authorities learned of his plans to shoot up the popular kids and teachers at his school.

Update: Shooting at California High School Claims At Least Two Lives

Two students have died from a shooting at a high school in Santa Clarita, according to local officials.

Andrew Yang

Presidential Candidate Wants to Replace Active Shooter Drills with More Counselors, Nurses

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to put an end to active shooter drills as he says it causes students trauma and anxiety.

sandy hook

Gun Manufacturer Could be Held Liable for Sandy Hook Shooting

The Supreme Court refused Tuesday to shield a major arms manufacturer from potential liability in the 2012 school shooting that left 26 students and educators dead in Newtown, Connecticut.

School Shooters Were Often Bullied And Told People of Intentions to Attack, Secret Service Report Finds

The study is the most comprehensive look at school attackers, looking at incidents from 2008 to 2017 for clues on how to handle students in crisis.

los angeles

Cal State LA Receives Two Threats In the Span of a Week

Cal State LA had to increase security at its library after somebody made a threat to shoot it up.

gun in backpack

South Carolina Student Arrested After Fabricating School Threat

A high school student fabricated a story about a classmate having a gun and threatening to shoot up the school, police said.


UNCC to Secure All Non-locking Classrooms Following Spring Shooting

In response to a classroom shooting in the spring, UNC Charlotte will add security measures that include equipping non-locking classrooms with kits to secure doors, the school’s chancellor said in a statement released Friday.

classroom from the back of the room

Study: Policies Aimed at Preventing School Violence Can Have Negative Impact on Students of Color

The research advocates for a restorative justice approach to crisis prevention instead of doubling down on zero tolerance discipline policies.

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