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New California Law Makes Training Mandatory For All School Security Officers

Starting in 2021, part-time employees will also be required to finish a course on student behavior, liability and more.

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Ohio House of Representatives Passes Bill Requiring School Districts to Address Youth Suicide

If signed into law, the measure would require districts to establish a threat-assessment team and teach students about violence prevention and identifying depression.

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Florida Man Enters a High School with a Weapon to 'Test School Security'

A Florida man was arrested after he entered into a high school with a pocket knife attempting to test the school's security measures.


Unannounced School Safety Drill Causes Panic Among Students, Parents

Parents and students were shocked after the Beaufort County School District's safety chief officer dressed as an intruder in an unannounced school safety drill.


Security Patrol to Increase as York College Students Become Target of Robberies

Three York College students were the targets of robberies that occurred just outside of campus. In response, the university is working with local authorities to increase patrol in the area.


Two 12-year-old girls arrested, another sought for assaulting a teacher and a student in California

Officials identified three 12-year-old girls who entered into a classroom and began to assault another female student and the teacher.


Carson City Deploys Drones Over Schools for Safety Study

Drones will be flying over several Carson City Schools in an effort for the city to study how students get to and from school.

Notre Dome

Notre Dame to Use Metal Detectors for Athletic Games, Big Events

Along with adhering to a clear bag policy, football fans going to Notre Dame's football stadium will have to go through metal detectors.

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Students in Ohio Left Scared After Hearing Gunfire During an Active Shooting Training

Some schools are hosting active shooting trainings that involve shooting blanks, and requiring students to practice what to do in case a shooter were on campus. However, some are wondering if these drills are too much for students to handle.

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Kansas High School Increases Security After Receiving Two Threats Recently

This is the second threat in two weeks that the district has received.


Oregon Program Allows Parents, Teachers and Students to Report Threats Anonymously

SafeOregon allows students, parents and school staff to anonymously report any threats.

Towson University

Towson University to Beef Up Security Measures Following Sexual Assaults

Towson University wants to prevent more sexual assaults from happening. As a result, officials are planning on hiring more police officers and counselors.


UT Campus Safety Office Sets Goal of Having 10,000 Students AED Trained by 2022

The stabbing attack in 2017 at UT that left one student dead, sparked safety changes across the campus, and it also inspired the start of the "Stop the Bleed" training.

Syracuse University

Syracuse University Seeks to Hire Nearly 100 Safety Officers

The safety officers will check the IDs of both students and visitors who are entering one of Syracuse University’s 22 residential halls.

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South Carolina to Fund at Least One School Resource Officer in Every District

School districts across South Carolina will receive funding to hire one to four new resource officers depending on need.

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Iowa Teen Arrested For Posting a Job Listing for School Shooter

A teen was charged with a felony after he posted a job for a school shooter on

Security Technology is a Top Priority

Security Technology is a Top Priority

Detroit schools have been faced with similar security issues as other schools nationwide. In the 2010-11 school year, a technology push was put in place, particularly at the high school level.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

Public perception of school security tends to lag a little behind the times. For many, the idea calls to mind sash-wearing hall monitors, or perhaps a single school resource officer stationed near a high-traffic hallway.

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Group of Concerned Florida Moms Install Window Coverings in Classrooms

Coalition for School Safety, a nonprofit in Florida, is working toward adding more security measures at schools in Hillsborough County.

How police departments and integrators can come together in partnerships for the well-being of their communities

A Crucial Collaboration

There are two essential components to effective school safety—security systems and police response.

Intelligent Campuses Require An Advanced Security Strategy

Intelligent Campuses Require An Advanced Security Strategy

Although you may immediately think of educational facilities when someone says the word “campus,” these environments can also be found across a host of other vertical markets, including healthcare, government and business enterprises.

Meeting Today’s School Safety Challenges

Meeting Today’s School Safety Challenges

Sustaining a safe environment for students and staff is—or at least should be—a key priority for all school districts. However, without a comprehensive plan in place, this can be a challenging endeavor.

Confronting Active Shooters

Today’s schools, businesses and healthcare campuses are employing indoor shot detection to reduce or eliminate delays and errors common in victim- or witness-initiated responses to active shooter incidents. Adding this technology to a campus life safety system can help shorten the duration of an active shooter event.


School District in Michigan Increases Security After Receiving Multiple Threats

The school district hired a private security company over the weekend after receiving two threats last week.

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Trump Administration's Guide Aims to Help School Districts with Emergency Response Plans

School emergency response plans are designed to proactively address a variety of hazards and threats and formalize the roles and responsibilities of those schools, school districts and community partners.

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New Mexico Community College Board Approves Request for Armed Security

Security officers at Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Campus may soon be able to carry firearms.

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Texas Government Uses App to Centralize Reporting of School Safety Threats

The state’s top safety official says the government needs more resources to investigate tips submitted through iWatchTexas, a centralized site for reporting threats.

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South Carolina Education Department to Fund Over 200 School Resource Officers Across State

The state superintendent says that the $11 million in funding will push South Carolina closer to its goal of having a school resource officer in every school.

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Parkland Shooting Survivor, Parent to Testify at House Hearing on School Security

The hearing is set for Thursday, a day after lawmakers and advocates gathered on Capitol Hill for a rally to fight gun violence.

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