Video Surveillance

Thinking Beyond Security

Ever wonder why BOGO is such a great marketing ploy? There is something about getting more for your money that buyers find hard to resist.

School district’s bus security system serves as first line of defense for student safety and incident investigation

Video Deployment

After several years of dealing with an older, failing analog video system on its buses, the district needed to update the fleet.

Advocacy Groups Sign Letter Supporting Bans of Facial Recognition on Campus

After gaining support from civil liberties groups, activists are planning a national campus day of action in March focused on campus use of facial recognition.

Eight Times the Power

Eight Times the Power

Many of us may have 4K television sets in our homes that look incredible compared to previous generation HD sets.

school camera

Activist Groups Launch Campaign to Pressure Universities to Ban Use of Facial Recognition

Fight for the Future and Students for Sensible Drug Policy are behind the effort to pressure college administrators to not use facial recognition software on their camera systems.

school facial recognition

As Legislature Considers Moratorium on Facial Recognition, Technology Is Introduced in New York School

Parents and privacy experts are concerned about the data that is being collected on students as the state legislature considers legislation to limit school use of biometric tech.

Elevating Video Capabilities

Elevating Video Capabilities

The Los Angeles Convention Center attracts millions of visitors each year and is renowned internationally as a prime site for conventions, trade shows and exhibitions.

Carson City Deploys Drones Over Schools for Safety Study

Carson City Deploys Drones Over Schools for Safety Study

Drones will be flying over several Carson City Schools in an effort for the city to study how students get to and from school.

video recording

YouTubers Prompt Florida Schools to Look at Restricting Video Recording on Campus

These days YouTube is a way of living for some families. But are families going too far by recording a school campus and its students for a YouTube video?

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Nevada Puts Millions Toward Increasing School Safety

In a recent legislative session, Nevada lawmakers set aside close to $76 million to improve school safety through counseling support and physical infrastructure.

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