Taking Control Online to Keep Secondary Emergency Incidents to a Minimum

September 06, 2018

8:30 am - 10:00 am

Michael Thompson is the president and founder of CMSI.

Michael Thompson

Chief of Police

Arizona State University

When there is an emergency situation on campus, a chaotic mass panic online always follows. This online panic, mostly on social media platforms, can shape the public’s perception of an incident before your team has been able to disseminate factual information. Michael Thompson, the Chief of Police at Arizona State University, will speak on how to manage these “secondary incidents” online by getting out ahead of the false reports, tweets and Facebook posts. Chief Thompson will describe what facts and evidence should be withheld from the public as well as what information should be shared immediately and the methods for pushing factual reports out in a timely manner. Take control of what is being said about incidents on your campus by keeping these secondary online incidents to a minimum.