Mia Ray Langheim

Mia Ray Langheim, M.S., M.A.

School Intelligence Officer for Statewide Terrorism & Intelligence Center

Illinois State Police

Mia Ray Langheim, M.S., M.A., was hired to create and manage the School Safety Information program shortly after Sandy Hook in March 2013 by the State of Illinois’ Fusion Center. This is the first program of its kind in the country that is able to share intelligence information with administrators and those who need to know in schools and campuses that was previously unavailable to anyone outside of first responders. The School Safety Information Sharing program’s goal is to share information with those assisting in safety in educational facilities from local, state, and federal agencies about current threats and trends that could affect students, staff, faculty, and facilities. Mia is constantly working on bridging the communication gap and improving education to those in public safety and education to help all involved improve safety decisions. Mia’s background includes over fifteen years of experience in research and large data management, over ten years teaching at the college level, and six years of managing the School Safety and Information Sharing program.