Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine Digital Edition - January 2018

January 2018



Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

By Lindsay Page

Long before the Columbine High School massacre put school shootings in the media, the threat was already there, and certain emergency protocols had been put in place.

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Sacred Security

By Sydny Shepard

Within 40 days in 2017, more than 80 families mourned the lives of those lost in unnecessary violence on soft targets including the attacks on a Las Vegas outdoor concert and the Texas church shooting.

Decentralized Assets, Centralized Control

Decentralized Assets, Centralized Control

By Ellie Randall

In this day and age, securing educational facilities is not as simple as it once was. Long gone are the days of slapping CCTV cameras around the exterior of a building and calling it “secure.”

A Better Understanding

A Better Understanding

By Scott Stewart

On the morning of Oct. 5, someone placed anonymous telephone calls to four high schools in Springfield, Ill., claiming in each call that that there was a bomb in the school and that everyone needed to get out of the building.

Finding A Balance

Finding A Balance

By Jessica Davis

The headlines have been horrifying recently. It seems like every other week there is another shooting to break the spirits of America all over again.

Preventing A Major Attack

Preventing A Major Attack

By Ruben Lugo

Many USB thumb drives being used on campuses today could be generously classified as BYOD, but many of these can be infected with malware and viruses that can adversely affect the entire college network.

Streamlining Todays Campuses

Streamlining Today's Campuses

By Mitchell Kane

As K-12 and higher education campuses work diligently to advance security measures in the wake of increased risk across the nation, more administrations are searching for ways to make smart capital investments.

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