• Lessons Learned from Penn State

    Join us for this free Campus Security & Life Safety webinar that takes a close look at the Penn State University incident that resulted in felony charges against their assistant football coach.

  • Emergency Response to an Active Shooter

    In this webinar, attendees will be able to describe what an active shooter looks like and what steps to take during an active shooting. You will learn what to do when encountering law enforcement and be able to describe steps to stop the bleeding. Listeners also will learn about prevention options.

  • The Use of Drones in Commercial Video Surveillance

    In this free webinar you will learn why the use of drone technology integration is in use, video managements software's view of drone technology, commercial drone applications, and much more.

  • Terrorism on Campus

    Join us to explore the issue of terrorism specific to college campuses. We will examine the application of emergency management principles as a tool to guide understanding, prevention and response.

  • How to Reduce Security Incidents on Your Campus

    Join us for this one-hour presentation that can help you identify risks, prioritize short and long-term needs, work within your budget, and implement a security plan.

  • K-12 & Higher Education “Stop the Bleed” Campaign

    This FREE webinar will discuss the importance of having a school plan in place to address severe bleeding injuries on school campuses and how you can implement the “Best Practices”.

  • Bullying Hinders School Security

    Please join us for this FREE webinar detailing a number of things school staff can do to make schools safer and more secure, and prevent bullying.

  • The Active Shooter; the Lone Wolf

    This FREE webinar will answer questions and others, such as when was the last time you had active shooter training?

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  • Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine - April 2018

    April 2018


    • Creating A Camera Use Policy
    • Getting The High Marks
    • Campus Survival
    • Spanning The District
    • Vehicle Alert

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